My mind is a little preoccupied with football this weekend.

Yesterday I had to get a new microwave. It’s neat how electronic things get better and cheaper with time. This one is 1100 watts and heats in a hurry.

I’ve been wanting a new flogger. One with some bite to it. Just might do it once I sell a few things on ebay. I have way too much clutter.

I’d like a fucking machine too.

That one looks interesting. Sybian is nice as well but even more expensive.

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The wingless angel soars
above the bondage of her body
dreaming thoughtless waves
as her body below writhes
in resistance from leathered grip
and hemp rope confinement

she slips comfortably back
her voyage written cryptically
temporality etched in red
upon the moon kissed paleness
her memory a hodgepodge
of pleasure intersecting pain

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Nashville Nights

Bound downtown face down
hips raised (nature’s most perfect invite)
anticipation wound so tight
watermelon red
watermelon wet
a most accommodating pet

knowing His time is not measured
release hovers
desire to beseech smothered
breathless agony
breathless elation
just another Master creation

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Good morning

 Ignore this please

Li Yuchun

Wulin Waizhuan

Britney Spears


Paris Hilton

Beyonce Knowles

Pamela Anderson

Lindsay Lohan


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It’s hump day

The ass is prepared with little slaps of my hand. Annoyingly soft at first. Then harder as it gets a rosy glow. Once in a while I stop and check your wetness with my fingers. Fingering has always been a passion of mine. So what will be the toy of the day? So many to chose from. The sweet little birch paddle? The hairbrush? A cane? The long bath brush? The evil tawse? The crop? The quirt? Or a good old fashioned flogging?  Or maybe for the purest just my hand. Hand against an upturned ass. With your pussy juice running down your thigh. My hand tangled and pulling in your hair. Your clit steadily beating its tribal drum. Your feral need allowing me to do anything I wish. Anything I desire. Your puckered virgin asshole aching to be filled. Your little mouth hungry from my taste. Your pussy needing a long deep fucking.

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Is there a cure?

she wonders

It seems as if

He dwells within her now

as if His wicked tongue

lies bedded with her clit

wetness is the norm

her pussy stolen


His, all of her, His

from aching nipples

to curling toes

a whirling slide

into His web

and she wonders

Is there a cure?

And prays on

trembling knees

there isn’t

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A cool place to visit

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Assignment #5

Get undressed

face up on the bed

pinch your nipples until you are achy and wet

Either touch your clit

Or fuck yourself with a toy

Softly say “It’s your pussy, Sir”

Over and over until you ask to cum

This time I say “No”


Turn over and get your ass in air

Start over and this time

When you ask

the answer is “Yes, cum hard for Me.”

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Earth Day

I want more than all
Total devotion complete submission
Watching you sprout from parched earth
Watering with my kisses
Warming with my protection
Pruning with my whip
Supporting you with my chains
Roots wrapping around my cock
As you blossom

into an perpetual Spring

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One from the vault

Alleluia, beatus vir qui suffert
Chanting of the Monks
scene music, medieval
mood setting along with candles

casting a flickering light
over the makeshift dungeon
free will a distant memory
once you chose to enter

I am sovereign, absolute
void of negotiation
in this closeted world
of no compromise

you serve at my pleasure
hint of defiance in your eyes
will get you shackled, bound,
whipped until tears pool

holes exist to be filled
fucked unmercifully
or filled with fiendish
mechanisms keeping you

hovering around release
but no climactic moans
without your Liege’s nod
increasing your indebtedness

I only attract; I don’t persuade
with one promise
marks will fade
long before memories

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morning thoughts

Tied, spread wide, and fucked at leisure. Fucked with fingers, fucked with toys, fucked with cock. Dripping of ice and wax. Mediaevally torturing nipples. Or tied face down and beaten. Ass a living artwork of marks changing hues. Week long reminders of what you wanted, what you needed, what you begged for. All your holes feeling used and spent and fatigued from cock and fist. Knees rubbed raw from the crawling. My cum surging through your veins. Thighs streaked with your pleasure; face streaked with your tears. All these things you ponder as you serve as my footstool.

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Good Morning

I want to wrap black silk around your eyes and pinch your nipples harder and harder as you stand before me. Studying you. Watching your reaction. Seeing where the line between pleasure and pain is crossed. Then removing My crop from your teeth and bringing it up hard between your spread legs smacking your wet pussy lips. Harder and harder until it crosses the threshold of pain. Then grabbing a handful of hair and pulling your head back for a Master’s kiss. Ending with a bite to your lower lip. You are mine and your sole purpose is to please me in any way possible.

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