Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
sipped unhurried
overlooking you bound
between lustrous brass
legs sprawled past modesty

white hint of egg’s tail
antenna to vibrating demon
now napping, its cordless
buzz a flick of a switch
from making you writhe
against rope & leather

a lascivious dance
cyclically from start to stop
as if an invisible lover
takes you at will

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Bonus Assignment

Put on your favorite shoes and a white thong.  That is all. Lie down on the carpet. I don’t care what room. Tie a scarf or something around your eyes. Think about your hands being my hands. Pinch both nipples. Release one nipple and slide it down your smooth body all the way to My pussy. But not inside your panties, just over the outside. Rub back up your body all the way to your nipple, then repeat with the other hand. Back and forth, one hand pinching, one rubbing. As long as you want. Until you can stand it no more. Say out loud, “I give you my pussy, Sir.”Take off your panties. Rub the wetness on your breasts. Rub my pussy. See me in a chair sipping my coffee watching you. Wondering when I will take you. As you cum? After you cum? Before you cum?

 And as always, ask before you cum.

Cum hard for me slut.

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Good morning

I still need to play around with these bungee cords. Two over the shoulder running down the body, through the crack of the ass and tight between the pussy. Then one binding the breasts perhaps. I don’t know why I want to do this. I guess because I can.

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What Women Want

Ashley’s Submissive Journey  Ch. 01

Abduction from BDSM Cafe

A lot of women I know love stories. They either masturbate to them or use them as for play. Here are two old ones of mine while you wait for new ones. New ones will be coming.

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the up and cummers

Well I know of two sluts who came hard today. And it’s still early. You have all week to do it.  Next week you’ll need either clothes pins, I believe the English call them pegs, or nipple clamps. Or any other type of clamp that will fit your nipple fairly tightly will work.

The Blog Mistress is working on something that will contact you when a post is made if you would like that option. I don’t know when. She’s pretty busy living a life of luxury in a Asian county.

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Assignment #1

Put on your favorite pair of panties. As if you were meeting your Master for the first time.Lie in bed and touch your nipples. Pinching and squeezing them to the point of pain. After a few minutes ask, “May I touch your pussy, Master?”

Yes you may but only through your panties.

Do this for a couple of minutes. Then ask, “May I remove my panties, Master?

Yes you may but rub the wetness from them across your breasts.

Now touch your clit. Imagine me watching you. Moving closer and putting the thick head of my cock against your pussy lips. When you ask to cum I’m going to shove it in.

If you have a fucktoy shove it in as your as you cum.

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Tomorrow is MA day!

Tomorrow is Masturbation Assignment day. If you do participate please leave a comment. It can be anonymous if you like. If I’m not getting any interest after two weeks I’m pulling it.

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Edge Play

Thought I’d share an old one. The only literotica poem under my “The Fisherman” name that has a red H.

Cotton panties
rendered useless
lying at your feet
you remember cold steel
edging between fabric
and quivering pale

point now treks
over breasts
to leathery texture
of agitated nipple
so close to drawing
the red life within

strangely there is no fear
just exhilaration
as He moves behind you
fervor of his firm phallus
snuggles in anxious thrill
between most private

how long to endure
this suffering
hours, perhaps, before
His play turns merciful
till he gives all you crave
and more

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I read you like a well worn book
hands know your body so well
I could sculpt you in the darkness
close my eyes and I taste your pussy
My cock completes you
without it you are


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Nipples and Panties

All women are different. But many are similar. And I listen. And learn.

One thing a lot of women love is nipple play. I think a lot of husbands and boyfriends think sex is fucking a pussy until their done. Maybe a minute of foreplay. But sex to me isn’t all about fucking but everything. My scenes go on for hours. Yes, I cum several times, but it’s more than that.

Today I would tie you up and play with your nipples. Both tenderly and roughly. You’d be wearing your Polka Dotted thong and it would get wetter and wetter as I focused only on your hard aching nipples. When I got ready to fuck My pussy, I’d cut them off of you with a knife. Knowing they are one of your favorites. (And yes, I’d replace them) I’d go with you to the store. You’d have a small buttplug in your tight ass. I’d walk with you holding your wrist as if you were captured. The whole time I’d be whispering things I would do to you when we got back. I’d have you try on a dress there and come out and hand me your wet panties.

I’m rambling and this is turning more into a panty post. I can’t help it. I have a panty fetish for sure and need a sub with 200 pairs.

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The Riding Crop

She is staked to the carpet helplessly tied. Feet and ankles are bound with rope. A sheer lace thong covers her freshly shaved pussy. Her eyes are blindfolded. From above she looks like an X. I stand over her with my riding crop and begin to tap her pussy. She is wet with excitement. She lets out a moan as it strikes her. She begins to move her hips as if she is fucking it. She pants. I soak in her beauty.

“May I cum, Sir.”

“No slut you may not.”

“Please Sir may I?”


“Sir if you don’t stop I WILL cum”

“Ok slut, cum for me.”

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Public Service Announcement

So I’ve been thinking as a public service I should hand out one masturbation assignment a week for all the sub and sub curious females who read the blog but don’t have a Dom. The only rule being you must ask either silently or out loud if you may cum. And they won’t be sent to one person and pasted in here, but originals. If I get any interest it will be a weekly thing. On Mondays. But you can “play” whenever it fits into your schedule.

And feel free to contact me at

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