A blushing beauty

Finds freedom in leather ties

Captive bliss brings sleep

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hump day

This is just a generic blog. Just to have something. Don’t feel like doing the Daddy thing and not in the mood for story writing.

You strip slowly for me despite that it pushes the very limits of you being here in the room, alone with me. Down to your panties which are wet with your desire and causing you further embarrassment. For a brief moment you wonder why you came and if you should run but you have waited so long.

I inspect you with riding crop in hand. Rubbing the leather tip between your shaky thighs. Over your full breasts. Giving your hard nipples little slaps. Barely more than taps really. It’s cold and impersonal and you want to be held but that is not why you came, was it?

I kick off my shorts and briefs. You stare down at my cock. Just a cock, it’s not like you haven’t seen others, but no, more than a cock. My cock. You want to please me by pleasing my cock. And selfishly you want the cock to please you. After all, you have thought about it for so long.

I have you hold the crop between your teeth. For no other reason than because I can. I can do anything I want within reason. This you knew when you knocked on the door. My fingers pinch both nipples hard. Harder than your own even imagined. Harder than the clamps you bought yourself. I watch your breath labor. I see everything.

Oddly it makes you less scared. And wanted more to please me though pleasure or pain or whatever I direct your way. Never before has your sex ached this way. Your little clit throbbing so hard it’s almost like you can hear it. And your nipples now ache for more after I let them go.

I walk around you slowly until I’m out of view. The crop strikes your ass six, seven times or so. You expect pain but feel only pleasure that wets you more. I grab your hair and pull your head back. Growl into your ear.

“It’s not too late to leave, but if you don’t go this minute it will be. Chose wisely slut.”

No one has called you slut in person like that before. It makes you even wetter.

“I will leave only when you are done with me Master. Not a minute sooner.”

“You didn’t think you could stand here before me, did you? You wanted an easier, softer way. For us to have tea like two old ladies. That’s a rhetorical question by the way. I’m not interested in your answer. But yes, I won’t be too harsh with you. My belief has always been to have a woman leave wanting more. Wishing for more. The real danger is the second time, not the first. I realize there is still fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear that I might hurt you more than you can bear. I will not. What I will do now is permit you to suck my cock with very few restrictions or actions on my part. For me to lie back and let you suck until you drain me dry. Don’t see this as being selfish on my part. I have two other holes where I can take my pleasure. Only through your mouth can you give pleasure that isn’t taken. And that’s a privilege. Once you are done, you’ll keep your mouth on my cock. It never comes off without expressed permission. I expect mistakes. I don’t have a long list of rules. I prefer to teach as we go. You get one chance one grace for every rule. But if I have to tell you something twice I will assume you have a listening problem and need punishment. And I promise you it won’t be punishment you’ll want to act up to get. You do well and there will be rewards. Are there any questions?”

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Jenny meets Wade

So the week went by pretty fast. She signed the contract and was able to finish her main paper for the summer that week. It was downhill from there. She decided just to ride up to Walhalla that Saturday and spend some time looking at rental places. The school had recommended an apartment complex that did have a few apartments for rent but she wanted to check with a few of the real estate agents.

Driving up she wondered what kind of a gym she’d find there. Certainly nothing like the LA Fitness in Atlanta. But that was ok. She’d be out of the congestion and pollution and could perhaps get her running mileage up and get healthy. And of course she would be pretty busy teaching English to ninth graders. She knew she wanted to teach in the summer of her fifteenth birthday after reading Pat Conroy’s The Water is Wide.

She remembered a sign for Mountain Reality just as she got into town last week. The building itself was very memorable. It looked to be one of the oldest houses in town but very well maintained. The kind of house you’d expect to see in Charleston or Savannah and not a little mountain town.

She parked and straightened out her green spring dress that accented both her curly red hair and green eyes. Oddly the door rung a bell when she opened it but there was a secretary typing at the front desk.

“Welcome to Mountain Reality, how can I help you?”

The girl was very pretty and didn’t look any older than Jenny if in fact that old.

“Hi, I’m Jenny Westmoreland. I’ll be taking a job here in a few weeks and was wanting to look at rentals you might have.”

“Mr. Hathworth is still on the phone right now. As soon as he’s done I’ll see if he can see you now. He doesn’t have anything on his schedule that I know of. He’s the only realtor in the office today Just have a seat it won‘t be long.”

She sat and thumbed through a few magazines on the table.

“Mr.Hathworth? A lady is here to inquire about rental property. Ok, thank you,” she said, then putting the phone down.

“You can go right in. First door on the right.”


Jenny opened the big oak door and walked in. Wade rose from his desk and shook her hand.

“Hi, I’m Wade, what can we do for you today?”

“Hi, I’m Jenny. I’ll be teaching here at the high school in a few weeks. I’ll need a place to live and wanted to know if you had any rentals.”

“Are you married Jenny? Kids? Pets?”

“No not married. No kids. One cat.”

“The school probably sent you a brochure for Pinelake Apartments. Believe me, you don’t want to live there. Roy Adams owns them. The principal’s husband. It’s one step above trailer trash. How much were you wanting to spend?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Really what things rent for here.”

“Well I bought this one house that is on the front end of one of my developments. Mainly because I didn’t like the people living there. Now it’s not in the development. Those houses start around $400,000 dollars. And that’s down from 600,000 before the economy went to hell. But anyway, it’s just a small two bedroom log cabin. Not a 1800s log cabin but a fairly modern one. You know, one of those prefab cabin kits. But still fairly nice with a stream out back. I was getting $750 for it but I’ll tell you what. We’ll do a nine month lease at $550 a month just to see how you like here. Just come up with the first month’s rent and we’ll wave the security deposit. Well, silly me, of course you’ll want to see it first. We can ride out there now if you like. It’s not far. Nothing here is far, you know.”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Just leave your car here and we’ll take the Range Rover.”

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More of the Jenny story.


Wade was the middle son of J. B. Hathworth. JB moved to the mountains soon after World War Two was over and started a construction business. Mainly commercial work. Schools and the like, Office buildings. Anything outside of residential homes. The business thrived and soon he was sending crews out in forty miles in all directions. JB died in 1982 and left the business to Wade’s two brothers. Wade had enough of construction as a teenager and decided owning and selling real estate was more his line of work.

It was said that if you see a building in Walhalla, flip a coin and if it comes up heads chances are Wade owns it. Unlike his father he was very much interested in residential properties and had several multimillion dollar developments in the mountains. Mainly for retired folks or those rich enough to afford a second home. The economy there wasn’t much to speak of.

Wade married his high school sweetheart, Rebecca, after he finished college at UGA and she graduated from Brenau in Gainesville. A rather expensive private girl’s college. It was her choice so much as her mother’s. Who was a Brenau girl herself. Rebecca barely cracked open enough books to pass but her only career path was to marry Wade and live the good life. She was the only child of a third generation doctor and like her mom wanted nothing to do with work other than bossing around her black maid and lying out by the pool.

The marriage started out great but after two kids they both realized they had little in common. And it didn’t help that Wade had an eye for the ladies. His work took him out of town a lot and into the arms of other women. He was quite dashing and charming. They did manage to hold the farce of a marriage together until both kids were in college. She got the house in the divorce which pissed him off so bad he another just like it built on the other side of town.

Wade was into BDSM but not the BDSM culture. He liked the challenge of bending a vanilla women to his will. And if they didn’t get with the program, he simply moved along to another. He actually went to the trouble of building a dungeon in his basement hidden behind a false wall just to keep it hidden from his kids. And any other prying eyes. It wouldn’t be good for business if word got out he was “weird.”

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More Jenny. It will get better I promise

To Jenny, any distraction was good. She had finished her teaching degree at the University of Georgia and was working on her Masters at Georgia State in Atlanta. But because she had two younger siblings who were twins and about to enter college and the bad economy, she moved back in with her parents for grad school. It wasn’t the original plan but school was expensive even with the Hope Scholarship she got from the lottery. The downside was that she had to work as a teacher in the state for five years but that was her plan to begin with. It was hard in the beginning but she adjusted and only her social life suffered. But she was finishing up at summer school and could join the workplace full time soon.

She had applied for jobs but the only schools that responded was inner city school known for its high crime rate and low test scores, and a tiny county in the mountains she had never heard off called Togalla County. A Cherokee word that she imagined meant hillbilly. So it came down to the projects or the sticks. Next weekend she planned to drive up to Walhalla and check out Togalla County.

She had been to the outskirts of the mountains but never in the middle of them. It felt like the first sixty miles went a lot faster than the last thirty. Roads that wound down for what seemed like forever down a mountain only to go back up another. And the few towns along the way could hardly be called towns at all. Villages were more like it.

Finally she got to Walhalla. It was a quaint town with an old courthouse taking up block in the town square so all the traffic seemed to flow around it in four directions. She was told to come up for an informal interview just to see the school and meet some of the faculty.

She was expecting to find a log cabin but the school looked modern and was only a few years old. The principal, Ms. Adams, was outside talking to one of the teachers when Jenny pulled up.

“You must be Jenny. I’m Principal Adams.”

“Yes, nice to meet you. How did you know?”

“Oh everyone here knows everyone. Small town you know. And you look a little more refined than the typical Walhalla young woman. Come, I’ll show you around.”

She got the tour. It was surprisingly modern with nice computer labs and friendly people. Though there weren’t many people there because school was still a ways off.

“Come into my office Jenny. So what did you think?”

“It’s a small school. But much nicer than I expected.”

“You know the budget has forced all schools to cut back on teachers. Have you had any other offers?”

“Southside wrote me a letter and wants me to visit.”

“In Atlanta? That’s one of the poorest performing schools in the state. If the scores don’t come up it may be closed after this year. Is that the kind of challenge you were looking for? It’s an awful area you know.”

“No, I was hoping to find something close to home near Dunwoody, or North of the city. Or Athens even. ”

“Well, I don’t mean to pressure you but we need an answer by Monday.”

“By this Monday? I thought this was an informal interview?”

“It was meant to be but the thing is one of the members of the school board has a daughter and he is pressuring us to hire her. You are much more qualified but in small towns it’s often who you know, not what you know. I had to say that you already accepted the job yesterday to get him out of my office. So I’ll need to know tomorrow. The job is yours if you want it. The salary might not be as nice as Southside, but you’ll find the cost of living here more than makes up for it. And you won’t have to worry about getting raped in the parking lot when you leave at night.”

Jenny’s heart sank. This was not what she had in mind when she majored in education. But she knew contracts for young teacher were only done for one year anyway. Maybe something would open up next year when things got better. Hopefully anyway.

“I’ll take the job, Ms. Adams. Teaching is teaching and I have bills to pay.”

“Good. I was hoping you’d say yes. You know, I came here myself as a young teacher and it was quite a culture shock at first. But now I’ll never leave. I hope to retire here in a couple of years. We’ll send you a contract in the mail. Be sure to get it back as soon as you can. Welcome aboard, Jenny. You have my number if you have any questions.”

“Yes, I do. I still have three of school to finish.”

“We expect you here in five weeks from Monday. See you then.”

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Jenny’s struggle to relax was about as futile as her struggle against the ropes that had her limbs secured to the iron bed. She was blindfolded and had her trust in a man she had known for less than a month. Yes, she had a safe word, but this was what she wanted. Wasn’t it?

Wade was pleased to have her naked in his bed. What man wouldn’t be? She was beautiful in a wholesome way. Her lithe body perhaps a bit too thin for some but it was muscle from all the triathlon training. She had slacked off a little, but her slackness was pretty impressive compared to most. And some of it was youth. At twenty-four she was half his age.

“You are going to feel something sharp but I won’t hurt or break your skin I promise.”

She could only shake her head. Too scared to vocalize.

Wade put on the Vampire gloves he had made from an old set of leather gloves. For the tips of the fingers he used darts. Very sharp but not dangerously sharp. Yes, they could cut, but blood wasn’t his thing. Just sensation.

He drug the sharp points over her naked breasts, over her hard nipples, down her tummy to her inner thighs. She had never felt anything so intense. He stroked her thighs and back up her torso leaving red trails that would fade away to nothing within minutes.

“Jenny, you may still leave if you like. There will be no questions or consequences if you do go. But if you stay, you must submit to all my desires. Within reason of course. But I think you will find I’m a reasonable man. Would you like to leave?”

“No Sir,” she said without hesitation.

“Call me Master if you are staying. Sir I find too bland and common for our needs. If you can’t you’ll have to go.”

As terrified as staying made her, leaving him scared her more.

“Yes Master,” she said, nearly choking on the word.

That’s when Jenny woke up. Very flustered and aroused. Sprinkles, her cat, was purring beside her so she knew she was at home in her parents house. Home and safe, yet another dream. It was Saturday and the sun was coming up. She masturbated and wished it all wasn’t a dream. Again. Even though she had never considered being submissive. Only in her dreams.

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Looking for plot ideas. Wanting to do a more formal story. I guess one will come but open for suggestions.
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Bi Bi desk girl

She was sitting on a towel in the floor naked in the motel room. Her eyes blindfolded with a scarf. Her legs spread wide with the spreader bar. Her hands cuffed behind her back in the leather restraints. The television was on in the background. She assumed Daddy was watching it. Every once in a while, he’d get up, walk up to her, grab her by her ponytail and stick his cock down her throat. Then pull it back out and walk away.

He had been mind fucking her for about a half hour this way. Usually his cock was hard, but twice it was soft and he let her get his cock hard before he pulled it away.

He figured her arms were getting fatigued so he freed them, grabbed the bar, and lowered her down onto her back. He pushed the bar to her breasts and started eating her pussy. Not soft, like she liked it, but for his pleasure so she wouldn’t cum.

He freed her legs and had her move forward and get on her knees so he could cuff her hands around the leg of the couch, then he had her lie over his lap for a spanking. Slut talk excited her but today he was being quiet kind of using her as an object. He spanked her ass a long time until it was red and burning. Stopping only to bury a big finger or two in her shaved pink cunt.

He freed her hands.

“Stand up.”

He helped her up and walked her over to the bed where he had ropes already set up for her arms and legs. He snapped the restraints to the D rings spreading her wide on the bed both feet and wrists only giving her a little wiggle room. She heard him dialing the phone.

“She is ready,” is all he said.

Within a minute there was a knock at the door. She wanted to run but there was no where to go. She heard the door open and close without a word.

He kissed her lips and stroked her face a little.

“Just relax, I’m here to protect you.”

She felt his familiar mouth on her hard nipple then the bed sank on the other side. She felt a softer mouth on the other nipple. For the first time ever she had both nipples sucked at the same time. She was both terrified and excited. Very excited.

The softer lips traveled down her tummy and Daddy continued to sucking her nipples. She would remember how the tickled on her shaved mound and then a gentle tongue found her sex.

The stranger had obviously been schooled by Daddy and knew just how she liked it. Master was now sucking hard on her nipple and pinched the other one hard. She was moving around so much all the softer tongue had to do was gently press her tongue to her swollen clit and let the slut do all the work. She could feel the orgasm building and was embarrassed to cum so soon like a shameless whore.

She came without asking. But that was no longer a rule of Daddy’s unless she was told to ask. The soft tongue probed inside her vagina while she came lapping up the juices. Then once she stopped coming it returned to her clit making her cum again.

There was some shifting around. She felt his big cock inside her cunt and the stranger lowered her pussy down to the slut’s lips. It was the first pussy she had tasted other than her own and she liked it. Part of her was a little upset that this was never discussed but with his hard cock fucking her pussy it all seemed natural.

She wanted the girl to cum because she knew it would please Daddy. And turnabout was fair play. The stranger did taste very good. She licked the stranger’s clit as if she was licking her own. Hoping it pleased her.

Daddy wet his finger with lube and eased it into the stranger’s sweet ass. This pushed her over the edge and she started to cum. Pretty soon the room was filled with moans as they all three were cumming.

The stranger muttered something about her break being over and having to get back to the front desk. The slut blushed knowing she had just checked in a little over an hour ago and there were two girls working the desk and they were both very pretty.

She never knew which one it was. When Daddy and her went out that evening to dinner, she walked by them staring at the floor not daring to look up. But Daddy did, and both the girls were smiling.

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not great but it’s late

So they are lying in bed watching a movie on the laptop. Daddy is touching her through her clothes knowing the simplest things like that really turn her on. The movie is at a slow point so he stops the DVD and pulls off her green sweater. Removes her bra. Pulls off her jeans. And he starts sucking on her nipples. Going from one to the other. His hand tracing her soft curves but avoiding her panties. Her body moves to a silent dance. He takes her hand and places it on the cotton panties. She touches herself through the panties which she loves about as much as touching directly.

She softly moans and moves her hips. Masturbation is so much better with Daddy suckling her pink hard nipples. Nibbling on them. Biting to the point of pain. Her clit now in a constant state of throbbing.

He stops to pull off her panties. Takes his hands and spreads her legs placing her feet to the side with her knees up. He lays his head on a soft thigh to watch her finger do its naughty act. He takes both hands and opens her puffy pussy. Normally she’d be shy if not horrified, but it turns her on to have him watch. She does know that Daddy loves his pussy. Everything about it. But still sometimes those memories from the past make her shy. But not today.

His wet finger enters slowly down below where nice girls aren’t touched. His big fingers sometime hurt her cunt but oddly one finger feels nice in her ass. Shallow, though, no more than two inched in. Then he just rubs against the hole barely slipping in and out stimulating all those sensitive nerves and making her clit swell even more.

He grabs her by the wrist and moves her hand from her cunt and quickly replaces it with his tongue still toying with her anus that has yet to receive his thick cock today. But it will later. He looks up to see her pinching both nipples hard. She’s really turned on. They didn’t fuck in the morning. He did let her suck him off in a conventional sixty-nine while he just watched her pussy without licking.

Then they headed off for brunch and to rent a movie, but I seem to be regressing a bit.

So Daddy is licking her clit and titillating her ass while she pinches her nipples that are somewhat sore from last night.

“I won’t say no when you ask to cum baby, but fight it as long as you can.”

She just whimpered and ran one hand through his soft hair and arched her back. She was already fighting it.

“Tell Daddy when you need to cum and wait for his cock to fill your cunt. Give you a nice hard Daddy cock to clamp down on and make you cum so hard.”

Oh God, that didn’t help postpone her orgasm. Knowing she’d feel that pinch and burn as his cock stole wetness from her cunt and filled her like no other had ever done. She was wanting to cum now.

“Oh, Daddy, may I cum?”

He didn’t speak but mounted her gyrating hips and filled her with his thickness which was the same as a yes. She came so hard. It was like a blend of clitoral and vaginal orgasms in one. His cock balls deep so her strong muscles couldn’t push him out. He bit her on the shoulder and pulled her hair. Her legs wouldn’t stop shaking. Until at last she was spent.

Then Daddy fucked her. In nice long strokes almost pulling all the way out. Her cunt like a wet velvet vise gripping his manhood and wanting to suck what cum was left deep to her womb. Instinctively without malice her nails raked across his strong back. Fucking her now harder with shorter strokes making their bodies slap together.

“You liked to be fucked, don’t you my three holed wonder?”

“Yes Daddy, fuck me good.”

“I love how wet and tight your pussy is for Daddy. But turn over. I want you from behind.”

He fucked her hard pushing her forward with every stroke. His hand slapping her ass hard enough to leave hand prints. His hand wrapping around her ponytail twice and pulling so hard she raised her head.

“Fuck that cock slut. Like you like it. I know you do. Don’t make me do all the work. That’s better you little whore. Squeeze Daddy’s cock hard. Suck out that cum with your cunt if you want it, you greedy cum slut. I was hoping we’d save some cum for your ass but won’t be much I’m afraid. Maybe next time I can blow a full load up your ass. One of Daddy’s three day loads. I bet your ass would good on my rested cock. It would stay hard too and I could fuck you again with my cum as lube. OK, I’m a little tired from last night. I’m going to roll off and let you finish me with your mouth. Like only you can do. Now get on that cock. Good girl. Suck it deep and clean all your pussy juice off. Now suck it good. Oh fuck you do that so well. I’m going to cum baby.”

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Nice cool Fall day for a change. She showered quickly and then got between the sheets and waited for Daddy.

Daddy put the leather restraints on her wrists and snapped each to the ropes already tied to the bed. Same with her ankles now spread wide. Sheet pulled down. Her puffy shaved pussy fully exposed to Daddy’s gaze.

“I take it that you hoped to suck Daddy’s cock today. Well, they’ll be lots of time for that. Your nipples are already hard. Like when your old boss used to pinch them when you wanted off work early. There were probably a hundred responses to that, but you let him do it. And then you hurried home and touched your little pussy. But at least you are honest about it. And you like being tied up like this. Normally, you’d be horrified, but since you are tied that removes all responsibility and you enjoy making Daddy’s cock hard. You want your hard nipples pinched, twisted, clamped, and tortured. Come to think of it, never did you say I was doing it too hard and I really did pinched hard when you rode my cock. And you want me to hurt your little pussy too. Yeah, I know, a big part of it is that you like turning me on, but it goes deeper than that. You want it. You need it. Within reason of course. The rubber band might have been a little over the top but it was just a blog and not real. These clothes pins are fine aren’t they? Or as the Brits say, clothes pegs. Since you went to the trouble of shaving my pussy, and it is my pussy, lets see how many clothes pins it can hold. Such a pretty little cunt. One day, I’ll have to let some bi girl lick it while I watch. Not some butch lesbian, but just a bi chick who likes tasty pussy. That’s eight, lets go for two more. There we go. You are getting so wet. Daddy wants to peg your nipples later after I enjoy them first.”

His tongue flicked across a nipple several times then he sucked it hard. He bit it, harder and harder until she cried out. Then he yanked her ponytail hard and sucked some more. Putting his teeth on top and his tongue below pressing up. Pushing the nipple down into the breast with his tongue then sucking it back out hard and biting again. Her cunt was on fire and her clit throbbing. It make her crazy horny when he played with her nipples. Exciting a nerve that ran all the way down to her throbbing clit. He bit her shoulder and kissed her neck and whispered in her ear.

“I could play with your nipples like this all night. I’m sure the other one needs attention as well.”

She whimpered as he went back and forth from nipple to nipple making her crazy horny but she knew better than to speak.

“I guess it’s time for the pins to come off. I’m going to lick your little clit up and down twenty times. Ten up and ten down, then remove a pin with my teeth and start over. But if you orgasm, all the pins are going back on even if I’m on the last one and we start over.”

Oh fuck she thought. Maybe he’ll lick it hard like I don’t like so I won’t come, but no, he was gentle just the way she liked it. Like his tongue and her clit were melting together. She bit her lip and tried to think of work.

“That’s one, very good my juicy pet.”

She felt cold lube against her most private spot and Daddy’s big wet finger invading her ass. Then his tongue, oh God, so good, so slow up and then down, then the sharp pain of blood rushing back as he removed another pin with his teeth.

“Your ass is so tight, still. I would think it would loosen up a bit from the ass fucked but no, still quite a job to get my cock in your fuck hole. Eight more, remember if you cum we put the pins back on and start over.”

This time he just put his tongue against her clit and she moved her hips. She knew it was a bad idea, but she couldn’t help it. She almost came but thankfully he stopped and bit off another pin.

“I’m a little worried you aren’t going to make seven more. And you know what happens if you cum, we start over. So I’ll make you an offer. You can go ahead and cum next time. I’ll lick until you do. But later, before I fuck your ass, you have to get spanked with the cane.”

She got a lump in her throat. He mind was reeling. She didn’t think she could make it to ten but he had never hit her with a cane before and that scared her.

“How hard Daddy?” she asked meekly.

“No where hard enough to even think about breaking your soft skin but hard enough to where you might see some marks next week.”

“Can you keep doing the pin thing and let me try and then beat my ass when, I mean, if I fail and not start over?”

“Nope, it’s a one time offer. But it might be hours before I’m ready to fuck your ass. Who knows? I think you better take it because I don’t see you lasting seven more.”

“Ok, Daddy,” she said with a pout. Mean Daddy, she thought but didn’t dare say out loud.

“Ok, I’m not going to count licks, just ask when you need to cum.”

He started licking just like she liked it and she did fight it for as long as she could just so she’d cum hard.

“Daddy, may I cum?”

“Yes, you may.”

Right as she started to cum he removed all the remaining pins with his free hand as his finger was deep in her ass to keep her from pushing it out. While the pins did hurt, it made the pleasure deeper and she screamed a little too loud, and came for a very long time.

“Ok, since you have been a good girl I’ll get you loose and let you suck Daddy’s cock. I know you love my three day loads.”

He got her free and took her place in the middle of the bed. She reached for the base of Daddy’s cock getting ready to swallow it.

“Not so fast, slut. I went through the trouble of shaving my balls today (I really did!) and I want you to lick them until I tell you to suck.”

This she didn’t mind because she knew he was ready to cum soon so he wouldn’t make her beg too much.

“You like Daddy’s big balls and all his juicy cum don’t you, slut? You always have. I know you’ll swallow every drop.”

“Of course Daddy. Gets me so hot.”

“I don’t know thought. Nice girls don’t suck their Daddy’s cocks or swallow their seed.”

“Mmmm slut for you, Daddy.”

“So I’ll have to spank your bottom when I’m done. Real hard right on the sweet spot. I’d do it now but need to cum so bad. Suck my cock now baby. Oh yeah just like that. Wet your finger with your pussy and play with Daddy’s asshole while you suck. Oh, that’s so bad too. You really need a spanking later. And a good fucking too. Let you ride Daddy’s cock first while I pinch your nipples so hard. My big cock hitting that spot inside you that makes you cum like a little whore. Never seen anyone cum so fast every time. You know I like it, though. Makes me want to throw you to the bed and fuck you hard. Hold you down and bite you, pull your hair and plow your fertile fields so hard you cum again. Or not, I don’t care. I can make you cum all weekend if it pleases me. I’m almost there. Spit that cock out and tell me to feed your slutty naughty cock sucking mouth.”

“Feed your slut, Daddy, please?”

“Suck it baby. Like only you can. Suck it good if you want my cum. Oh yeah, just like that. OK, I’m going to cum.”

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sucking eating and fucking

Still unreasonably hot this time as she drove to the motel. The month had gone by so fast. She could hardly keep her mind on her work today as Daddy’s big cock filled her slutty mind. And soon, all her holes she hoped. Even her naughty hole that took so long to break in.

Daddy was ready too. Already in the room and waiting wearing shorts and a tank top. His cock hard knowing any minute she’d be coming through the door. Finally she pushed through the door with one bag leaving the rest in the car for later.

“You made it. Good. Hurry and take a quick little shower. The quicker you are done the sooner you can be sucking Daddy’s cock and emptying his full balls. Hurry. I better hear water running in sixty seconds.”

It didn’t take her long to shower off her body. Keeping her hair dry for now. When she came out wearing just a T shirt and panties he was standing naked at the foot of the bed.

“Get on the bed. On the side of the bed on your back with your head all the way over the edge. You can kiss and lick Daddy‘s cock but don‘t suck it yet.”

He was standing over her face slapping her with his hard cock by moving his hips as she tried to lick his fat penis. He pulled up her shirt over her breasts.

“You can suck now. Such pretty nipples. I’m so glad you aren’t wearing a bra. You like it when Daddy pinches them hard like this don’t you slut? A little hard for you to suck upside down I know. But you like being under Daddy this way. Like he is forcing his cock down your throat. Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer. Daddy knows the answer. See if you can tighten your mouth around my cock and make it like a pussy so Daddy can fuck your face. Yeah, that feels better. Fucking that naughty little face. I see you moving your hips, don’t I think I don’t. Your little pussy must bed hot and achy. Probably was for the last thirty minutes, huh? Don’t worry, it will get fucked a lot. We have two nights and all of Sunday morning to give that pussy, mouth, and asshole all the cock they can take. And they can take a lot can’t they? You’ve never said no to me, you know it? Never no to anything. Daddy has missed your nipples. Can’t wait to have a long suck session later. Maybe letting you touch your clit like you are dying to right now. But don’t you dare, yet. You have been doing that for twenty-eight days. I want the next thing you feel down there to be my hot tongue that makes you feel better than all the others. I think I’m going to have to get on the bed myself if you want Daddy’s cum. And I know you do. Get your ass up near my head when you suck it like Daddy likes. So can grab your panties and pull them down over your ass while you suck me. You know how hot your ass makes Daddy. Seeing it, squeezing it, spanking it, licking it, getting my big finger in that tight little hole, and of course fucking you there. So tight. Feels so good on Daddy’s cock. I even like that it hurts you a little when it slides in. And how you like it when you relax and tell Daddy to fuck it harder. Fuck, I know Daddy talk gets you hot but it is making me want to cum too. So I’ll lie down and let you drain me dry.”

She was happy. Being upside down was making her a little dizzy. And now she could see his big cock and shaved balls and suck them like she knew he loved. At times she’d masturbate and think about drawing it out and teasing him making him wait. But that didn’t make sense right now. Plus he probably would punish her if he didn’t want it. But she wanted his cum today. More than anything. As she started working her magic on his cock she could feel him roughly pulling down her pink panties. One of his strong hands wrapped around her hair twice while the other started spanking her cheeks. But she didn’t let that break her concentration. She knew just how to make him cum. She smiled when she felt more blood being pumped into his already hard member and knew it wouldn’t be much longer.

“Damn, baby, I’m going to cum.”

She counted the squirts as she fought to keep up with his orgasm. Fifteen, and then a few little ones and more flow after that. He was turned on she thought.

He rolled her over onto her back and threw the panties to the floor. He spread her legs way past her modesty zone with his hands then shoved two pillows under her ass.

“Now I know you like sideways sixty-nine but there is no reason why you can’t cum this way despite your shyness. Now open that pussy with your fingers. Pull the skin up and away from your clit. I need both of my hands free to pinch your slutty hard nipples. That’s a good girl.”

His fingers were being rough with her nipples like she liked it. She gasped when his tongue found her clit. Just nestling up to it and barely licking. Her clit was so sensitive then most. He could always count on the moment of her hips to do all the work. If only all girls were that easy. Well, easy once he learned her secret. Any aggressive licking does nothing but irritate her. He loved her taste but like always it didn’t take long for her to start cumming.

Daddy crawled up her body while she was still cumming and impaled her on his cock which was very hard and more than ready to go again. She grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs as his cock fucked her hard and steady. He loved being on top of her like this. Even thought it wasn’t guaranteed that she would orgasm like it was with her on top, she would if he fucked her long and hard enough usually.

“You like Daddy’s big cock, don’t you?”

“Yes fuck me Daddy.”

“Oh you are such a dirty little slut. You know waiting this long to fuck your sexy ass means it might take a while for me to cum. But maybe, if you are good, I’ll let you touch your little clit while I fuck your ass. Until you learn to cum from just having it fucked.”

“Oh yes, I love cumming on your cock with my ass Daddy. It makes me cum so hard I want to gush.”

“Oh baby, your pussy feels so tight. Not as tight as your naughty ass I want lick later. You like Daddy’s big tongue up your ass knowing my cock is next, don’t you slut?”

“It’s wrong to like it, but I do Daddy. I like everything you do. Oh fuck Daddy, I’m going to cum on your cock. May I Sir?”

“No! Hold off just minute and cum with me. I’m almost ready girl. Just a few more strokes. Oh fuck yeah, cum baby. Cum with Daddy!”

“Oh yes Daddy, give it to me!”

They both came so loud it was probably heard in the hall if anyone was out there. He came so hard. One of those “second better than the first” orgasms. He kissed her a few times then rolled off letting the air conditioning cool off their sweat soaked bodies.

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I was thinking about the blog yesterday. How you would probably rather suck my cock as soon a possible. What’s the point in you showering if you are going to suck my cock you’d probably ask yourself.

What you’d really like is to be jerked through the door by your hand, but on your slutty knees and find Daddy’s cock hard and ready to be sucked. I laugh when I read stories about how the woman has to work to get his cock hard. You have to really sneak up on my to find it soft. I do like it sucked when it is soft though. Letting it grow magically.

Of course you probably know I like to cum lying down. But image of you on your knees with your arms either cuffed behind you in the leather restraints or a spreader bar across your shoulders scarecrow style is pretty hot. Either one. Think about the beginning of the movie “Secretary” and that’s what I mean about scarecrow. Fucking your mouth like a cunt. Making you take it deeper than you would like until your eyes water.

Scary Daddy might be really scary to some and not scary enough to others. It’s all a matter of taste and I can’t please everyone. So I just write what I want to depending on what my mood is at the time.

I wish you were here right now sucking my cock. My orgasms lately haven’t been very good ones. Ones where the cum just kind of dribbles out instead of hitting Daddy in the face.

I’ve been thinking about more of a story line but Literotica is weird about the Daddy thing. I’d have to write about an actual daughter, now that would be acceptable to them. Just can’t pretend. Talk about having your priorities fucked up.

And too, getting back the cock sucking thing, a shower wouldn’t be bad if you knew you had a hard cock waiting to suck. But if you were that slutty you wouldn’t need the pajamas. Just come in naked. Daddy would rest his eyes so he wouldn’t look. I know I’d feel your mouth on my cock about as soon as I felt the bed sink as you got on it. You’d empty my full balls so quickly. And yeah, one just gets me started.

Then we’d rest a little bit. Before I ate you. Maybe some nipple play to make you a little less shy. But there isn’t anything wrong with going right for the pussy. I like to do that when you aren’t even thinking about sex. Pull off your jeans and panties and just eat you on the side of the bed until you cum which probably wouldn’t be long.

But what makes the Daddy thing work for most women into it is Daddy talk. Without Daddy talk it is just vanilla sex for the most part.

So maybe, after the shower, you lie on your stomach for a spanking and Daddy talk about how bad it is to not only want to suck Daddy’s cock but to actually do it. I know how you are though. A shameless slut who can’t help herself. Might have to say a spanking before and a spanking after. Guess I could spank you in a sideways sixty-nine before I eat your puffy pussy. You don’t know how much that makes Daddy want to fuck you to lick your throbbing clit and see that hole that somehow expands to take my thick cock. Right now I feel a little mean because I woke up too early and want to fuck you hard. Me on top. Or from behind. Me on top is probably my favorite. Because it feels like I’m taking you. Not that I have a huge rape fantasy or anything. I just like to be in control and pound your pussy into submission.

From behind feels a little more dirty. And the fact that you like it that way makes you a dirty little whore. Not really but you have to admit it’s not a “making love” feeling position really. More of a primal fuck. Like the savages do it. I like it though. It all depends on what mood I’m in.

And oh my, I do like a three holed slut as compared to a two holed or even a one holed slut. And sadly there are women who only are one holed sluts. It is possible to have a mouth too small for cock sucking. That’s one reason I like redheads. Most redheads have a big mouth. Must be genetic. And I’m not kidding. Think of any famous redhead woman. Doesn’t she have a big cock sucking mouth? The redhead vampire on “True Blood” comes to mind.

So maybe tomorrow I’ll feel like being just a littler more erotic. Storm is on the way right now.

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